Get it off my chest

Far too long has it been since I have written a personal journal.
Far too long have I denied myself this simple respite.

My last entry… Was the night I murdered a man out of cold blood and revenge.

However, much has changed since then… Much indeed. And how is it that I find myself weighing if the difference is for better or worse?

My life as a student ended in widespread hatred, this much is true. But since then I have started anew, and changed my role in life, so that I am a student of it, and not a student in it.

My travels have been received differently all around. In the city of Delbach I am a hero, yet elsewhere my past still haunts me.
I continue training, learning who I am as I experience all that life has to show me. The funny thing is… I keep changing. How is one supposed to understand themselves, when they are never the same? Perhaps that’s the whole point…

I digress; Today was bitter. As the rain fell, and a man lost his life due to his transgressions, I reflect on myself. Thinking how I am not all that different from he. Perhaps I am worse off because I understood the repercussions, and didn’t care anyways.
Or maybe not. I spared his daughter the truth: I let her hate me, instead of knowing that before he died, he had sold her to a fey. I can bare his pain, because he doesn’t need it where he is going.
I live to protect, even if it’s protecting someone from themself.

This Caramel is Excellent.




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