Tigris Eltanin's journal 1

I have come to realize that I have not written down any thoughts in awhile. Time to change that.

This band that I have become involved with have proven to be quite interesting. The same goes for the various escapades we tend to find ourselves in.

I usually do not stay too terribly long in one place, as I relish the opportunity to see new places and meet new people. For some reason, however, I find myself not wanting to leave this band of fellow adventurers. They are an interesting and slightly strange lot to be sure, but seem like generally respectable people. We all seek to do good and help out those in need, not disregarding profit of course. We still need to eat, after all. I was not certain at first if I wanted to join the Vagabond Blades when the job was offered to us, but the rest of the group seemed fairly eager and it was a chance to travel to another place, so I am glad I agreed.

Recently I have been learning quite a bit about the group except for the new fellow Erik, whom we have only met a few days ago. He appears to be a reasonably capable man, albeit slightly eccentric.

Umbril, however, revealed her true self to us. Turns out she’s an Elf of all things. I am not sure what to make of that. I have heard stories about them, but never met one before. Not certain if she will stay with our group, given the recent events.

Quinn, the bard, is still as odd as ever, but has proven to be a able fighter. His technique, morality, and not to mention his devotion to Jeremy, are all commendable.

Jeremy Kroley, the knight, a fellow warrior. While not a Master of the Craft such as I, his skill in battle is admirable. The ferocity he can display in a fight is truly amazing. Our fighting styles are quite different but it is always enjoyable to meet another who revels melee combat. Perhaps we can learn a bit from each other. I may ask him if he would be in favor of a little sparring session, time permitting. However, he seems to be rather troubled by the recent events that took place. Condemning that man to death in order save his daughter from the fey was a difficult decision, and I can tell that it is weighing heavily on Jeremy. The thought crossed my mind of trying to console him but it may be best if he is left alone for a bit.

The sky has darkened into night, but the stars do not shine for they are veiled by rain clouds. It is time for some rest, and I hope that morning brings back the sunshine.



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