Lord Argyle Vall

A Master of the Craft, he may be the greatest warrior in the entire world.


Argyle is a tall, older man with a neatly trimmed goatee, whose brown hair is peppered with grey. Despite his age, he is in peak physical condition. His equipment and clothing are of the finest quality, and he wields a Salaassinian katana of ornate design, with a pearl handle wrapped in white leather and a gold-chased hilt. Though most of the party has not seen him wear armor, Jeremy can attest that if he did it would be among the most powerful suits in the Four Great Nations.

A Veteran Warrior and Master of the Craft

Like many noble men over the age of 40, Lord Argyle Vall, formerly Sir Argyle Vall, is a veteran of the Eldritch Crusades, having fought as a knight of Escella alongside other men of his house. What distinguishes Argyle, however, is the fact that he is one of the Masters of the Craft, men and women whose mastery of martial artistry lends them abilities that not even magic can explain. Argyle distinguishes himself among the Masters of the Craft for being the only one whom is willing to, or capable of, teaching his Manifestation Strike to others.

Argyle claims that when one attacks with everything that they truly are, nothing can truly defend against such a blow. The fact that performing the Manifestation Strike renders one invisible to all onlookers rather handily supports this claim. The explanation he gives for this phenomenon is that only somebody who fully comprehends the performer of the Manifestation Strike can perceive the maneuver. Similarly, one must fully comprehend their true inner self to be able to perform their Manifestation Strike.

After The Crusades

Argyle served Escella for years after the Crusades had ended as an adviser to Escella’s aging King Hugue Galtrose, and a sword instructor to many young nobles and newly inducted companies of the regular army. His last student he directly intended to teach the Manifestation Strike was Jeremy Krowley, and many believe that Argyle retired because of Jeremy’s exile. A saddened but grateful King Taigus granted Argyle the full title of Lord and a sizable fiefdom in the Escellan countryside in thanks for the man’s many years of service.

Recently, however, the party ran into Argyle in the city of Delbach just before Ichio’s uprising. During the chaos, Darilis accused Argyle of playing a part in the plot. Jeremy and Tigris witnessed Argyle fight Darilis to a standstill wearing no armor without suffering a single scratch, while the “feyborn” had taken several wounds. Eventually, Argyle tired of the struggle and defeated Darilis with a single blow of his Manifestation Strike, before leaving the city to its fate.

Lord Argyle Vall

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