Captain Reinhardt

The founder and leader of the Vagabond Blades...and now our heroes' primary employer!


The party doesn’t know much about Reinhardt or the Blades just yet. He’s got a full but trimmed beard, wears a violet cloak, likes chain mail, and carries a broadsword. Instead of looting the place, he rallied his forces to help defend Delbach from the likes of Ichio’s bandits and the Green Antlers.

Reinhardt doesn’t talk about his past. Guessing at his previous profession and country of origin has become a popular game among the Vagabonds. The standard bet has become five gold bits. With nobody able to guess correctly over the years, the pool has added up. Reinhardt keeps the pot in a leather-bound strongbox the men call The Coffin, because a man could put his adventuring days to rest with the small fortune contained therein.


Captain Reinhardt

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