A red-skinned warrior with...a tail?!


Darilis is a unique sort of creature with red skin and a spade-tipped tail. His appearance is so anomalous that not even he is certain of what he might be. Most assume he is some sort of half-fey or demon. He is a member of Freya’s troupe, and has apparently known her for a long time. Despite the closeness between he and Freya, he is most often in the company of Jenesh in town. Though typically lazy and unenthusiastic, he becomes an animated, roaring, and laughing killing machine in battle. He apparently regenerates from wounds quickly and has inhuman strength.

It recently came to light that, like Jeremy, Darilis was trained by Argyle Vall. Darilis claims that Argyle taught him solely the arts of killing, and manipulated him into assisting in the destruction of Darilis’ hometown of Hamlen in Trollrout. Somehow, Percival Feyndall found out about all of this, and incited a mob to kill Darilis. Percival’s motives are unclear, but it may have been an elaborate ploy to discredit or even kill his longtime rival Jeremy.


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