Duchess Nintessa Delbach

Ruler of the Duchy of Delbach


Originally of the house Banshey, minor vassals of the Delbach family, Nintessa became the supreme monarch of the entire principality not long after the end of the Edlritch Crusades. As with any rapid rise to power, dark rumors of seduction, bribery, and assassination abound. Despite the fact that the deaths of her three previous husbands were in no way mysterious (including the late Archduke Rantemer in a duel with an elf-lord), or perhaps because they were so very lacking in mystery, most people in the know perceive Nintessa to be a thoroughly clever and dangerous person.

The most persistent rumor, perpetuated by jealous girls at court, is that Nintessa is a woman of singularly shameless promiscuity. Delbachans insist that such “shapeless girlchildren” are simply envious of the only asset more powerful than Nintessa’s intellect and wisdom, her curvaceous figure. Mentioning Nintessa’s breasts in any kind of lewd context, however, is an almost sure way to start a fight with a Delbachan.

Duchess Nintessa Delbach

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