Jeremy Kroley

Disgraced Knight whom takes up the title of Nomad until he can regain what was lost of his pride.


His early life consisting of nothing but training, Jeremy is a man of strong morale, and even stronger body. His teacher, Argyle Vall; a Master of The Craft, as they so aptly title him, put him through every rigor there is, on and off the battle field.

Learning his way in the world was hard, but Jeremy was revered as Argyle’s star pupil. The next Master of The Craft, learning quickly, and gaining fame throughout his kingdom.
That’s when it all went to hell.

Jeremy’s brother was killed in combat, and it crushed him. Overwhelmed by fury and revenge, he struck out at the man who slew his brother: effectively ending that man’s life, as well as his own.

Unable to return home, and refusing to continue training with the man whom he shamed with his act, Jeremy left his old life, seeking to find himself and piece together what pride he has left.

Because all he has is his training… and he intends to finish it.

Jeremy Kroley

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