Lord Justinyon Albereth

A popular young noble in the running for the throne of Escella.


Lord Justinyon is the grandson of King Taigas Albereth and the current employer of the Vagabond Blades mercenary company under the guise of providing the city’s security, but the truth is that Escella verges on civil war and Justinyon needs to supplement his army. His cousin Erid has the larger mercenary company, the Crimson Arrows, and the third candidate, Permisal, is likely going to be backed by the Veneratum’s elite Gauntlet corps if war should break out.

Justinyon is known for having a strong sense of justice and being a very capable arguer of the law. His progressive ideas on the policies of land ownership, tariffs, and expanding the country’s infrastructure favor the peasantry and middle class, making him less popular with the nobility than the people at large.

He seems to know nearly as much about the conspiracy that Daramus is weaving throughout the Great Nations as the party, and has offered to pay for any of Daramus’ obsidian spheres they find so that his augers may use them to discern Daramus’ location or spy on the mysterious mastermind.

Lord Justinyon Albereth

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