• Auchavyk Ryn

    Auchavyk Ryn

    An adolescent, nature-loving beastman leaving home for the first time in search of self-fulfilment.
  • Jeremy Kroley

    Jeremy Kroley

    Disgraced Knight whom takes up the title of Nomad until he can regain what was lost of his pride.
  • Quinn Lirit

    Quinn Lirit

    Human Bard
  • Tigris Eltanin

    Tigris Eltanin

    A peaceful vagabond and a Master of the Craft both.
  • "Rude" Jorus

    "Rude" Jorus

    Head of Nintessa's personal guard and a pretty nice guy.
  • Bahir


    A Salaassinian man who doesn't talk much.
  • Captain Reinhardt

    Captain Reinhardt

    The founder and leader of the Vagabond Blades...and now our heroes' primary employer!
  • Crown Prince Bertrand Steinholdt

    Crown Prince Bertrand Steinholdt

    Haughty heir to Trollrout's throne.
  • Daramus


    Teaching powerful magics and giving orders through obsidian spheres...who is this red-eyed shadow?!
  • Darilis


    A red-skinned warrior with...a tail?!
  • Duchess Nintessa Delbach

    Duchess Nintessa Delbach

    Ruler of the Duchy of Delbach
  • Einrich Achrim

    Einrich Achrim

    Former Court Wizard of Delbach
  • Erid Feyndal

    Erid Feyndal

    The "Lion of Escella." He is the eldest cousin in the running for the throne of Escella.
  • Freya Gerhardt

    Freya Gerhardt

    Beautiful, well-mannered, an idealist...Why in blazes is she a mercenary?
  • Ichio, the Bandit King

    Ichio, the Bandit King

    King of Bandits Ignominiously Slain By His Own Magical Items! Epic Fail!
  • Jenesh


    A beastwoman living among humans. She unabashedly displays an emblem of Baldyr.
  • Lord Argyle Vall

    Lord Argyle Vall

    A Master of the Craft, he may be the greatest warrior in the entire world.
  • Lord Gui Delbach

    Lord Gui Delbach

    Nintessa's son, and Count of Osper in northern Delbach.
  • Lord Justinyon Albereth

    Lord Justinyon Albereth

    A popular young noble in the running for the throne of Escella.
  • Maari


    A talkative, wise husphem that punches people in the face.
  • Mirk Elmoor

    Mirk Elmoor

    He had been a giant of a man. The Green Antler's iron fist. Then Jeremy happened.
  • Percival Feyndal

    Percival Feyndal

    A spoiled, haughty bastard. Jeremy's rival since boyhood.
  • Permisal Albereth

    Permisal Albereth

    A chaste, pious young woman. She is in the running for the throne of Escella.