Statistically: Elves

The husphem are a lithe, felinoid race with long ears that extend upward from their heads and tails nearly half their height. Their eyes can be varying shades of yellow, purple, or green. They have a single government, an empire that dominates the southwestern desert reaches of the continent.

The empire practices a hierarchy learned humans refer to as a “chromatarchy,” where vocation is determined by the color of a huspheme’s pelt. Black and brown husphem are the most common, and are often trained from a young age to fight in the military or serve as laborers and craftsmen. Those with white pelts occupy scholarly positions, and those with other, more unusual colors form the aristocracy. These groups are forbidden to interbreed.

Religiously, the husphem universally venerate a pair of lover deities Agni and Roh, who they believe birthed their race from Agni’s womb.

Nearly everything mentioned here about husphem culture is entirely baffling to both humans and the beastmen. Likewise, the husphem do not understand why the human and beastmen civilizations are still in their “adolescence.” During the Eldritch Crusades, the huspheme soldiers received quite the culture shock when campaigning in human lands and slowly began to realize that Delbach and Escella are actually two completely different countries, and not simply provinces. Califa Ajarti, the leader of the Empire’s elite Blade Dancer order at the outset of the Crusades, is famously quoted asking why humans “do not simply agree on who is the best ruler.” It is popularly believed Arbiter Gerhardt laughed so hard he fell off his horse.


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